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Monday, August 4, 2014

I will not buy any more fabric - but.... there is a sale. Oh no!

M&L Fabric July Sale

Oh no, not this again. M & L Fabric in Anaheim has great prices and a huge selection. For 12 days in July everything in the store is 20% off. They have a huge section of the store they call "The Stacks" the fabric is $3.44 per yard, take off 20% and you have $2.75 per yard. I went by there last Sunday and the line for check out was all the way down the middle of the store and looping through the isles to the b
ack of the store. I left in hope of going back at a time when less customers were there.
This sale is a great time to pick up fabric for backing and stash.

Here is what I ended up buying. The green on the left is going to be the backing of the command car quilt. (Always thinking forward)

Here is my assistant helping me home from the sales. He is so helpful!

Sew glad you stopped by.
Have a great day!


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