Friday, March 28, 2014

Knitted Socks Blocks

These are the cute little socks for the Knitters Gifts quilt by Denise Russart - see side bar for the details. Each month a pattern is free, after the month is over you can purchase the block for a couple bucks.

Each month a pattern is free, after the month is over you can purchase the block for a couple bucks.
Denise Russart Flicker Group  You can see the other fabric choices here, some are really nice.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Kimono Blocks

I was just surfing my blog list and while looking at SheCanQuilt I got inspired to pull out my garage sale find of Kimono blocks. Leanne is giving away some fantastic fabrics from Sew Me a Song they are Japanese fabrics and got me thinking about those poor old beautiful blocks just waiting to be attend to.
Hoping I win Leannes raffle, then I know I will work on these again.

Anothere note: I also feel good finishing up another quilters projects as you can see, I start a lot of them and have a huge amount of UFO's. So knowing there are people out there like me makes be feel it is all going to get done someday.
Have a nice one.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Birthday Quilt - Party Hats

Party Hats are finished! Love Um!
The ice cream cones - done
the candles - done
the party hats - done
Gosh have to wait until next month for the real party.

The next offering of Knitters Gifts is out from Justquiltin with Denise Russart. This month it is knitted socks... 2 pieced blocks. 
The Glendale Quilt Guild has a show this weekend in Pasadena - I'll be checking it out Friday.

Monday, March 17, 2014

QAD Trees

Riley Blakes Happy Birthday Quilt 

I finally got a start on the Riley Blake block of the month - trying to catch up on January and February - then Marches appeared. I got the Ice Cream Cone block and the candle blocks done.
I changed up the ice cream scoop and added the scallops. I think it really adds to the blocks. The original half circles were pretty plain.
Now to work on the birthday hats!

Art Quilt Design

In February Janeen sent out two blocks of trees. I quite honestly was stumped by the intricacy of the design. Lots of very small piecing. But I gave it a try and here it is. 

I love the background fabric -  Amy Butler  Temple Doors.
The size of the block did not come out correctly - I may have to add a bit more fabric when the quilt comes together.  
I will be linking up with Judy Laquidara's Linky Party.... What is on YOUR design wall.?
 Always inspirational

Friday, March 14, 2014

Hummingbird Block

Quilt Art Design offers this beautiful humingbird pattern at her Etsy ship for free. I am working on her Art Quilt BoM ( see sidebar for details)
Janeen has a Flicker Group where you can see all the blocks others have completed which is always fun to see the fabric selections and just how cute they look. 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Butterfly Hatching

Butterfly Hatching

One of my house plants had a surprise. A cocoon! I have been watching it and I noticed it started moving. My little friend was about to pop out. So I took the plant outside - so when the magic happens - she could fly away. 

Good Bye My Little Friend

Monday, March 10, 2014

Quilt Art Design

Quilt Art Design
Well I finally got a start on the beautiful quilt by Janeen of Quilt Art Design  what a talent! I have been in love with this quilt and wanting to start since the beginning of the year .. for me it was a bit intimidating/ Janeen is offering this quilt online for free, see my side bar for more information Janeen has a free BoM 2014 with a fantastic garden theme. The block I made today was not the 1st one offered, but he latest one offered.  I certainly need to catch up.  I, being a paper piecing novice and lover, found this "Easy Birdhouse" challenging. She offers a harder version, which is fantastic with additional tree branch's and more birds. I thought I should start on the "easy" version. 

I like it, but I see my flaws... the blue birds chest is not distinct. I will add a hand embroidered black outline to the whole bird, that will set him off. Other than that I think things are good, the green background was a choice from the original artist and I thing it works. The hole is the same fabric I chose for the medallion flowers in my Amish Quilt, lots of scrap there, you will be seeing them for years.

I posted on Janeen's Flicker site

Back to the real work work Tuesday.   Boo Hoo  :(

But REALLY LOOK AT  her free Humming Bird pattern IT IS JUST THE most beautiful pattern.
I am going to do that one next!!

A great place to get inspiration is Patchwork Times with Judy Laquidara. She posts a list every Monday of "What is on your design wall" - I can spend a lot of time checking out so very many wonderful blogs . Check it out for yourself.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Quilt Doodle BoM#3 "Big Tree"

Big Tree

Well here is mine.....

I wish I would have had a bit more definition in the hues of the tree against the sky. I do rely on my humble stash and try hard to work within it's constraints.
Here is a link to Cindy's Flicker Group - so you can see what everyone else is doing. Some are just fabulous. I am afraid mine is washed out... I may have to try again. :(

Monday, March 3, 2014


Denise Tussart "Knitters Gift" - The first offering came out this week. It is two very large blocks that have cute winter knitted hats. This will be the first Tussart quilt I will make. Last year she offered a really cute one with squirls, I collected the patterns each month and I still plan to do that one - bucket list. Here are the first two blocks:

Yesterday an email came across about a small quilt store shutting their doors - "Sewing Party" in south Orange County -they are going to be online only. Well it is really too bad, BUT every thing in the store is 30% off. I am grabbing my assistant and going - will report back.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Amish Quilt Progress

Sew Kitschy Sew Retro Kitchen Mixing Bowl

Krista from Quiet Play rleased the 3rd offering of her 2014 BoM. I just love the first of the month as so many of the quilters I follow send out another block to sew and I have to get right on it... Here is what I have worked on this weekend:

Morning Glory Designs 

Released "Mission Arches":
Here are 4 of the blocks Fiest de Flores together:
So bright and cheerie. I have been using only batiks.

Amish Quilt Progress

It is getting down to the last month for The Quilting Bee's Saturday Sampler, with March being the last offering. There is going to be a show and tell so I want to participate. I have 11 of the twelve blocks done and I worked on the center applique, I purchased the stashing and boarder material, cut, pieced and sewed all the HQT. I am liking the progress and the way it is turning out. 
Considering that the first block was pieced almost a year ago and how my skill level has improved over the past year, I am dealing with some short blocks, it is a bit frustrating but I will work through it.