Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Baby Clothe Memory Quilt

A few years ago one of my daughers' good friend, Mia, asked me to make a quilt for her from her first child's baby clothe. She handed over a large tote with just the cutest ever little boy clothe. It has been sitting in my closet since I finally got the inspiration and started on the journey.
Beginning the project I hung the baby items on my design wall as if they were on a clothe line.
I thought a clothe line with all the little guys hanging down would look good.
I used three fabrics as the background. Blue for the sky, a flowery print for the middle and a green "grass" print for the bottom.
Also see the design wall? Yes a real design wall finally. Maybe that is why this quilt is finally in the making. I put together 2 4'x8' insulation board - covered in a beautiful tie dye blue flannel.

I went through and removed many of the snaps that way while sewing I had less chance running into one of those little land mines and save a few needles from breaking. Easier said than done. Those little snaps are hard to remove without damaging the fabric.

The first little shirt I cut apart and fused didn't hold its shape as I wanted it to, so on the second one I machine based the top and top arms and both sides - THEN I cut off the back and fused it. This worked well. 

All fused down and ready to applique

On another note, I got two quilts entered into the Orange County Fair.

Top completed and ready to quilt.
Charity project ready to quilt.

Modern Quilt Guild Block Lotto ready for Thursday meeting.

Linking Up to Free Motion On The River


Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Elephant Abstraction Finish

I started my#Elephant Abstraction quilt May 15, 2017 and today is June 12, 2108
Here are some of the blog posts about the process:

And finally today!!

63' x 76"

This is actually the 2nd custom quilt I have made. Mostly I do all over or stitch in the ditch. 
This quilt has 2 Parrots, 2 African ladies, gecos, tree frogs, leaves, vines, a trees and a mouse quilted into it. 
African lady face
One of the Parrots
One regret I have is that I used the busy batik leaf fabric for the backing, if I had used a plainer fabric you would have been able to see the quilting.
I will be showing this at the Orange County Quilters Guild tonight.

Also (Hurray For Me!) I got my quilts accepted into the 2018 Orange County Fair!!

Next up is to quilt the Trula Pink Butterfly
See you all soon... Hopefully.


Important Words

...we come to quilt making looking for a respite from one set of challenges by embracing a very different set ~ involving color, pattern, sensuality, skill, and order, in an ever-changing mixture ...  The act of making patchwork quilts [has] provided an oasis of grace in my life. I [have] pitched my pieced tent in that oasis, finding shelter and warmth for my psyche... [from Quilting to Save My Life by Janet Catherine Berlo, author of Quilting Lessons: Notes from the Scrap Bag of a Writer and Quilter]

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

I Love Pintrest

I Love Pinterest!

I love succulents!

I saw a post on Pinterest with a maniquine covered in succulents and I had to give it a try.  Online I ordered a form, I went around the garden and chose some beautiful succulents to propagate. 
Succulents propagated from my collection
Couldn't resist 99 Cent Store Succulents

I found a mannequin form online for about $28.00
Here I covered it with fern.
I used 3 Coco Liners from Big Lots $3.00 each.
Florist Pins from JoAnns - Used a coupon of course!
After adding a moss covering over the Coco Liners,
I used the florist pints to attach the plants 

I'll come back to this in a month or two to show the progress.
All in all I have about $58.00 invested in this piece.
I absolutely love it.

See you all soon.

Artist Studios
Here are some you need to look at:

Saturday, June 2, 2018


Happy Birthday Carol!

I made this quilt for you...
"Knitters Gifts"

All the items a knitter might make for someone, scarf, gloves, hats and socks.
And thank you for the lovely sweater you made for me.


Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Two Finishes and Two Starts

"In The Garden" is now a done. I finally put together 12 compatible blocks and figured out how I wanted to sash them. I searched in my stash for fabric that would work and I found some....trying not to purchase anymore fabric is a priority to me and I think I did ok with this one. 
All those paper pieced blocks!
Since my last post I have quilted  In The Garden and now Knitters Gifts.  I rented time on a longarm at Bear's to finish the them and here they are:
Knitters Gifts
59" x 80"
In the Garden
51" x 67"
I absolutely love the blocks in this quilt:

Pattern bt Quilt Art Design
On Craftsy
Block Pattern by Janeen van Niekerk

Here are links to some of the blocks:
Janeen van Niekerk of Quilt Art Design
Hummingbird      Trees        Squirrel          Birdhouse              Tulip

Shape Moth

Sewing Under Rainbow

Hard to believe but although I tell myself ALL THE TIME to finish, finish, finish - I continue to start new projects. At Road To California I bought 2 kits. The first kit is called MOD TV - Ann my friend also bought this. We thought it would be a good project to work on at our Tuesday night sewing class. I have made pretty good progress on it, finishing the 20 blocks, I am ready to start to construct the flimsy.

MOD TV blocks

Then I saw a video on YouTube about a quilt called Cutting Corners and just had to try it. Here is my design wall and the progress on that one:
"Cutting Corners" progress
finished quilt should be 54" x 63"
6 blocks across by 7 blocks down

Thanks for stopping by - enjoy your day!


Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Butterfly and Squirrel

My Tula Pink Butterfly progress.
I keep running out of fabric, ordering fat quarters to find out I still do not have enough. At the end of the piecing you have to make 160 HQT to all all the outside jags. I am digging through all the tiny scraps of fabric I saved to try to accomplish this. 
Basically there are two blocks missing. One is a fussy cut tree intersection and the other consists of HQT's. See the gap in the center of the quilt above and below the black and white arrow? NOW I have to get more of the white background... boy the is a pain.

Here is my Laura Heine - progress. 

This quilt has been one that I do not feel comfortable with. Color choices are hard and the tequnique is so different than piecing. It is also a very expensive way to achieve the result - the Seam A Seam II - costs so much and if you choose a bad color of fabric - well the fabric is ruined and you still have to find a replacement and start the process again. I think this one is going to bee stiff - yea it should be a wall hanging - but who has this much space on a wall for Mr. Squirrel? Or maybe I should say... who would want to hand this on their wall. Soft comfortable quilts is what I love the most.

I cleared out my sewing room and had the wood floors installed. I am planning the furniture now. I thought it would be easy - not! Back to sewing  at least - moving everything was an interesting process and bringing it back to the sewing room - I am gong to have to lighten the load. Hopefully I can part with some of those treasured supplies.

Thanks for dropping by:

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Batik Workshop


I had eleven students at my first Modern Batik Worshop. 
We had a full day of learning, creativity and friendship. Would I do it again? Yes in a minute.

Here are some photos.
Me in the middle.

We had the most beautiful January - California day!

Eight blowers to help the fabric dry quick. It allowed additional dye opportunities in the day.

Lunch - Panera Chinese Chicken Salad and a Potato Bar.

Beautiful silk scarf!

Happily removing wax. Reminder: Next time have more irons available 
and put the big trash container closer.

Happy Campers. A little wine anyone?

There was so much to teach that I didn't even scratch the surface. Another workshop will be in the making.