Friday, April 14, 2017

Completed Ties and Tails - Meeting the famous at the Muzeo

Excited to show a completed quilt! My Ties and Tails is now complete and I quilted on my domestic machine. Long story I was going to quilt it at my friend Ann's on her longarm but after getting it loaded found out she had gotten the needle shaft caught on a charity quilt that our guild philanthropy didn't provide enough backing - which pulled the needle over, yanking on the shaft, bending it. Needless to say- I quilted this on my domestic. Actually it gave me a lot of confidence that I know now am able to quilt on my machine even if the quilt is big.

Docent News!

This is Evie Ashworth a textile designer at Robert Hoffman she came to visit the Muzeo today and I had an opportunity to talk with her about one of my favorite subjects --- FABRIC!
What a pleasure!
Here are some links to a couple of her interviews on the internet:

I was excited to meet Leslie Nicol at the Muzeo a couple of weeks ago....

Oh Mrs. Patmore

-  "Mrs. Patmore" at the Muzeo - Dressing Downton Gala. Here is a photo of us both. How do you like my costume, I know it is more Victorian than Edwardian but I think it works for the job I do there.