Friday, April 18, 2014

Celtic Solstice Piecing Finish!

I want to start another quilt but I told myself no!                                                                          

Finish some first then move on. 

I finished piecing and all the boarders of Celtic Solstice this weekend. I changed the direction of the second boarder to more of a prairie point look instead of flying geese. I like it better I need to schedule time at the long arm to quilt her up. 

I have been waiting for the next block for the Birthday Quilt. ... Still not available.
The Riley Blake Birthday Quilt - candles have always bugged me - I put the blocks together as directed and I was ok with it, then I looked at the mock up drawing of the quilt on their button and I noticed the candles were tapered at the top instead of straight across. I thought and thought about it and it seemed I just wanted tapered tops, so I tore them apart and tapered them. See the photo above, the first block is straight and the second block is tapered. I think will have to embroider a wick on them when the sashing goes on. 

Sunday, April 6, 2014

QAD Sunflower

Janeen from Quilt Art Design offered this beautiful 12" Sunflower Block this month free in her Craftsy store. This is definitely the most difficult paper pieced block I have ever done. Here is a link to her Flicker group, where you can see other fabric selections. Looks like I am the first one to complete this months block of the month. 

This is a photo I took before I pieced all the sections together, kind of looks like a broken plate. I can not believe that all these pieces fit perfectly together. Sewing backwards is definitely a skill I am getting better at. 

This is the floor beneath my chair, bits and pieces. Would you believe I vacuumed yesterday?  I hate trying to keep things neet when I get involved with a project. I will be cleaning up the sewing room so I can start again. I have tomorrow off and I am going to sew all day. ( Oh and plant flowers, water the yard, design my new garden, feed the birds, cook a great dinner... and vaccumn the floor again!)
Love you all!
Design Wall Monday - with Judy 

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Quiet Play Teapot

 Quiet Play released the next block of Kitschy Kitchen and I did it again - The first block I made (the orange tea pot) turned out at 8 1/2" and it was supposed to be 10 1/2". I redid the block, selecting a neutral background (peach). Fabric selection is still my biggest problem. This block, while the main body of the teapot is great, the pink lid and handle do not stand out as I thought they might. When will I get this??
 The orange and green teapot turned out to be an 8 1/2". I got to stop using my printer at work!!!!

My sister is in London and she sent me this photo of the London Sewing Machine Museum - looks like a really great place, I love old sewing machines.