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Monday, July 21, 2014

A Few Finishes! YEA!

A few finishes. I really want to start on a new quilt but I have told myself that in order to do that, finish what you have started! I have been taking that to heart and I have finished 2 more quilts almost completely - still need labels. My "Tonga Rhapsody", my second quilt ever,  that was started in the Spring of 2011 and my Aiming for Accuracy Pink and Brown quilt started early 2013. Both quilted and bound. I have machined sewn the binding onto my Amish quilt so all is left is to hand sew and label. It feels good to have a few finishes as these things just hang on and on.  It seems unless I have a deadline... well, I don't finish because I enjoy starting new things more than completing an old project. 
I have a lot accomplished and I think I will start to move on.
Here are a few photos of the two quilts I bound when on vacation last week. The eight hour drive to and from Yosemite was a blessing!

Row By Row Experience

  • One problem being is that I would like to participate in the 1200 stores Row by Row. Last weekend I went to a couple of the participating stores and picked up a couple of the patterns.  You need to do at least 8 rows to complete a quilt, then IF you are the first to bring in a completed quilt to a quilt shop with "their" row a part of it, you can win a prize. Well I know I am very behind and there are a lot of crazy quilters out there that probably sat up all July 1st after they cruised the state to pick up 8 patterns, finished their quilt and were probably waiting at the front door way before opening the next morning to pick up the prize. 
  • Here is a photo of 7 of the rows I have completed so far. Only one more to go to finish. 

But... I still want to do it. Many of the participating stores are selling a fabric license plate that reflects the store. I picked up one at my favorite store, the Orange Quilt Bee and at New Moon Textiles in Pasadena. They are so cute and I am going to incorporate them into the quilt - perhaps on the back if I can not figure out a great spot for them. 

I guess the Command Car Quilt will have to wait.

I am way behind on the Internet sew alongs I joined at the beginning of the year. I did not complete last months offering of My During Quiet Time Kitschy Kitchen quilt, my Fiesta de Flores Tile quilt with Morning Glory Design or the Riley Blake Birthday Quilt... shame on me, but I will.  

Thanks for stopping by again!

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