Saturday, August 27, 2016

Two Finishes So Far This Week

I'm back! 

Its been a while, I have been sewing but not really quilting. This week I will complete three quilts tho. They only needed binding. Sometimes that is not an easy thing if you have to go shopping to match colors. I did catch the July sale at M&L's and picked up a few much needed fabrics to complete WIP's.

Finished! A Red White and Blue
93"x 70"
This red while and blue quilt was a garage sale find for $3.00. All the fabric was cut - 2 blocks were finished. The finished blocks led me on the trail as to what to do with the pieces. Along the way it was discovered that 4 pieces of the white print background were missing. I could not believe I found a very very close match - the back of one of the pieces in a charm pack (5" square) and I bet you could not pick it out of the quilt unless I showed it to you. OH the luck of the Irish!
You can see a post from December 2013 about this quilt that is when I started on it.

The following is a quilt top that was given to me by my friend in Washington - Lori. Her neighbor gave it to her and she passed it on. It is now backed, quilted and bound. I will be giving it to Philanthropy Quilts at our guild. It was a joy to quilt it on my quilty friend Ann's long arm. Next time I will not do micro quilting, it took a long time and when you are borrowing a long arm... that is just a lot to ask.
The Salmon Quilt
36" x 36"

The back of the Salmon Quilt showing the quilting.