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Sunday, January 5, 2014


I'd like to consider myself a piecemaker and I know I am blessed. Blessed with the finest family, wonderful friends and good health, what else matters?

Tonight I made a couple of heart blocks. They will be used as a gambling tool for my guild. Every month a new block is introduced - fabric pallets are explained and instructions given, you can make up to 5 blocks and enter them into a raffle - winner takes home all the blocks! I generally enter this contest but alas, I have never won. Maybe this time. Here are my blocks. Fingers crossed - just in time for Valentines Day.

I have only worked one day since Christmas eve. We close the business down as things are slow and by taking 4 days we can turn it into an almost two week run. It had been great having this time off. I guess I did not read that the Celtic Solstice mystery was to be solved on New Years Day so when I awoke to that news well.... I had to sew. I still have not finished but I do have  4 rows done. It is wrapped on the banister so only 1/2 is showing.
Look at all the great quilts that came out of this mystery at:  l Celtic Solstice Links

I also started another baby quilt using the Lorax panel I got on sale at L & M for $2.30. I think a wonky theme works well with this panel. I do not like all the different frames, so I am using only the parts I like. Here are are the first few blocks.   Well tomorrow back to work. Bummer.


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Love your scrappy quilt !