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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Do It and Do It AGAIN - Kitschy Kitchen BoM #1 - 2nd Try

In my last post I was not really happy with the background print of the Quiet Play Kitschy Kitchen Oven Mitt block so I decided to do it over. One thing I discovered was that my printer was set wrong and the block was also about an inch too small. So in acutality I had to do the block over anyway.

You can see the new block on the left and the first one on the right and the size difference.

The new block has a dark grey background that helps show the details around the oven mitt better. I am much more satisfied with this results. :)


Heidi said...

Tasty indeed, that does look nice! The print is good, and I still like the white binding!

Kristy @ Quiet Play said...

Oh I just popped by your first one and thought it was great hehe! But this is a nice background too!

I'm just working on adding 1" squares to my patterns to make sure they print to the right scaling!

legato1958 said...

Beautiful blocks. I have had printing size issues, too, with my new laptop, with Aussie and UK designers.
I finally figured out to choose paper size A4 and use Legal size paper in my printer to get the right size. Windows 8 changed my printing choices...
I am going to blog about that soon.


Very creative and great use of fabric, stoppy by from the linky party at Quiet Play BOM