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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Doodle Design 1st BOM

I just got started on the first block of Quilt Doodle Designs 2014 BOM. It is a cute row of snowmen. I started out with a beautiful fat quarter of snowflake batik - I made 4 snowmen and THEN I figured out that I would not have enough fabric to make the whole row, so I started it over. Now I love the design that Cindy made I did take some shortcuts by not piecing the snowman and using Lori Holt's snowball method of cutting and attaching (in this example) four 2.5" blue squares on the corners of a 6.6" white square - by sewing across the a line drawn from corner to corner of the blue pieces and then folding it over - you get the same shape with a lot less sewing - things went very quickly. 

I hope all the other blocks in this quilt are this cute. I have never done a "row along" and I am hoping that the rest of this quilt keeps going that direction.

Well here are my little guys. I just layed the button on the strip as if I were to actually sew them on it would make the actual quilting much more difficult later. Been there - done that.

Oh can't wait to see the next block!

Thank you Cindy you are the best!

Now I am going to get started on Blogger Girl BOM.
Maybe I am crazy??

1 comment:

Cindy said...

Love your first posting! Welcome to blog land, I'm looking forward to following you. I hope you have a lot of fun with the BOM. It's going to be super cute when it's done.

Happy quilting,