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Sunday, January 14, 2018

Batik Workshop


I had eleven students at my first Modern Batik Worshop. 
We had a full day of learning, creativity and friendship. Would I do it again? Yes in a minute.

Here are some photos.
Me in the middle.

We had the most beautiful January - California day!

Eight blowers to help the fabric dry quick. It allowed additional dye opportunities in the day.

Lunch - Panera Chinese Chicken Salad and a Potato Bar.

Beautiful silk scarf!

Happily removing wax. Reminder: Next time have more irons available 
and put the big trash container closer.

Happy Campers. A little wine anyone?

There was so much to teach that I didn't even scratch the surface. Another workshop will be in the making. 

1 comment:

AlidaP said...

Wow, it does look extra fun!! Congratulations on a successfull workshop!! Thanks for sharing!