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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Butterfly and Squirrel

My Tula Pink Butterfly progress.
I keep running out of fabric, ordering fat quarters to find out I still do not have enough. At the end of the piecing you have to make 160 HQT to all all the outside jags. I am digging through all the tiny scraps of fabric I saved to try to accomplish this. 
Basically there are two blocks missing. One is a fussy cut tree intersection and the other consists of HQT's. See the gap in the center of the quilt above and below the black and white arrow? NOW I have to get more of the white background... boy the is a pain.

Here is my Laura Heine - progress. 

This quilt has been one that I do not feel comfortable with. Color choices are hard and the tequnique is so different than piecing. It is also a very expensive way to achieve the result - the Seam A Seam II - costs so much and if you choose a bad color of fabric - well the fabric is ruined and you still have to find a replacement and start the process again. I think this one is going to bee stiff - yea it should be a wall hanging - but who has this much space on a wall for Mr. Squirrel? Or maybe I should say... who would want to hand this on their wall. Soft comfortable quilts is what I love the most.

I cleared out my sewing room and had the wood floors installed. I am planning the furniture now. I thought it would be easy - not! Back to sewing  at least - moving everything was an interesting process and bringing it back to the sewing room - I am gong to have to lighten the load. Hopefully I can part with some of those treasured supplies.

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