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Monday, November 27, 2017

New Project - Butterfly & Indigo Dyeing


I love #TulaPink and I have been eyeing her butterfly quilt forever. I finally broke down and got it. Here is the progress. Cutting the fabric and organizing the blocks into sandwich bags was a 2 day job. There is a lot of curve piecing in this quilt, I am definitely working on a new skill set.

Just played out the blocks that are finished on the bed. Starting to look like a butterfly.


Sandra Johnson is a pretty famous local quilter and my Tuesday night sewing teacher at the local Jr. College. She invited all her students to Patchwork Show Modern Makers Festival in Santa Ana Sunday to do some Indigo Dye demonstrations. I was excited to participate as I have never done this type of dyeing before.

Two finished indigo dye pieces!
While there Jamie Fingal and Libby Williamson dropped by to say hi to Sandra. 
It is always inspiring be be able to bump shoulders with truly talented individuals.

Elephant Quilt

I wanted to show you the progress on the elephant quilt too. I added some yardage to the top and bottom and started quilting him. I added a little mouse near his foot, a tree along the right side and a couple of African ladies on each side. Next more leaves and a tree frog - but my largest throat sewing machine broke and I had to take it in for repairs. Trying to pull this quilt in a small throat machine is torture so it will have to wait a while.
Woman in long designed wrap.

Face of an African woman.
Geometric quilting on elephant.

Hard to see little mouse.

Well that is it for now. Always sew much.


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Sandy said...

I love the background fabric your elephant is on. It's perfect!