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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Water Color In Lodi

It has been a very long time since I have made a post but actually I have been very busy - quilting, enjoying life and vacationing. I just haven't gotten around to posting much. I will show you shortly the two projects I have been working on... more of.... Fiesta De Flores and a cute little 3D baby quilt my friend Ann and I both have been sewing together.
Today I want to tell you about water color painting with my sister in Lodi. Each year we accompany our husbands to a military vehicle show in Lodi, CA. They collect WWII stuff and we being the great wives we are, endure their hobby (kind of like they endure ours). My sis is a great painter and she wanted to do some plein air painting and she took me with and gave me a little lesson.
In Lodi there are many, many wineries. One of the conditions we make with the hubbies is to take us wine tasting one day of the trip - usually we will take a WWII Jeep and travel the back roads with the wind in our hair but this year it rained.  In any case  in the past we had visited Jessie's Garden Winery and my big sis chose Jessie's Garden to paint.
Jessie's Garden has a great barn and lots of beautiful trees, roses and animals for inspiration.
The barn at Jessie's Garden
This is me enjoying the moment.

This is my sisters version
And here it is my first attempt. I think I had a pretty good lesson from my sis... wouldn't you say?

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Joy said...

I would say! Well done.