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Monday, March 23, 2015

Scary Monsters and Happy Birthday Complete

My quilt guild, The Orange County Quilt Guild is having their annual quilt show April 10th and 11th, the theme is "Echoes of the Past"
I have never entered a show before but I am up for it so I pushed and pushed and completed two quillts this weekend. 

Scary Monsters
Quilted, Bound and Labeled 
I started this back in December 2010 as  a block of the month with a pattern from Quakertown Quilts, Inc., Houston Texas. When I saw the pattern, I just had to have it. I love the whimsy, the colors and the wonderful poem:
There are big scary Monsters under the bed
but, I'm not afraid, I just laugh off my head!!!
The monsters stare in surprise at me... 
But then they giggle and laugh with glee!
We laugh 'til we're tired, then sleep through the night -
And dream sweet dreams 'til mornings light.

There is an alternative poem that is cute too:

There are big scary Monsters under the bed
And every night, they must be fed.
They love to eat fabric; it's their favorite food -
It puts them in the very best mood.
So the lesson is clear: consider your plight -
Keep buying more fabric... or be dinner tonight!

One of my favorite parts was all the half square triangle sawtooth borders around the poem. My favorite monster is the purple "Mr. Big Mouth" (1st block) followed by "The Green Machine" ( the dragon first block second row)  This took me 4 years and 4 months to complete, it was the show that gave me the incentive to get the button eyes on and get it labeled. I am glad to have a true finish! Yea for me. 

Happy Birthday 

I have had several posts about this quilt and finally I finished it today. This quilt was started January 2014. It was a block of the month, free on Riley Blake's website. I enjoyed having a sewing project each month and posting it on this blog. I started it as it looked like a good stash buster. I did not purchase any new fabric for this quilt - oh except the backing. I think it turned out great.
It is 74" x 84.5".
Happy Birthday
Quilted, bound and labeled.
I can see this quilt as being used on "YOUR BIRTHDAY" -  
What better than being wrapped in quilt love on your birthday? 

All in all, I see I really compete quilts under pressure. The guild gives me great incentive to get them done. I enjoy showing my work to them at meetings and now at a show. 

I think this guy looks like my husband, but
I can not imagine him saying this.

Hugs to all,
Thanks for stopping by!

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dq said...

Jules, congratulations on your finishes. They are both wonderful. I think you will do very well in the quilt show.

I made the monster quilt for my son many years ago. It is a fabulous pattern!