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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Make it sew

Program the longarm and make it sew!

I feel like Captain Picard - make it sew!  I spent yesterday at Quilters Garden, I rented one of their computerized longarms to continue to accomplish my goal of competing some of my tops before I start another project. I got two done! Edge to edge designs on both of them. These machines are great and they have so many different pantograph patterns to choose from. For the Amish quilt I chose a pattern called "Geometric Swirl". I wanted something kind of square yet with some curve. I had a hard time deciding what color thread as the quilt has every color of the rainbow - I chose red - worried the red would pull away from the piecing - I think I made a great choice, and I love it. I think all tops look better quilted. 

I also got my Aiming For Accuracy, the Michele Foster Quilt-A-Long - pink and brown top quilted. I chose a pantograph pattern called "Posies" and pink variegated thread. I love it too.                                                    Using this computerized longarm, I feel like I am cheating but on the other hand, I did quilt these quilts, I did not send them out. I had a great time too. I have tried quilting on my regular sewing machine but it is backbreaking work, rolling the quilt up to get it within the machine, pushing, pulling and in general sweating though the entire process. 
Now I have a lot of binding to do. We are headed to Yosemite and the 5 hour drive each way seems like a natural time to hand sew the bindings on these quilts. I really am happy I have stuck with my goals and have been finishing my projects.

Hay, thanks for stopping by!

Jules        !                  

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