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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Quiet Play Teapot

 Quiet Play released the next block of Kitschy Kitchen and I did it again - The first block I made (the orange tea pot) turned out at 8 1/2" and it was supposed to be 10 1/2". I redid the block, selecting a neutral background (peach). Fabric selection is still my biggest problem. This block, while the main body of the teapot is great, the pink lid and handle do not stand out as I thought they might. When will I get this??
 The orange and green teapot turned out to be an 8 1/2". I got to stop using my printer at work!!!!

My sister is in London and she sent me this photo of the London Sewing Machine Museum - looks like a really great place, I love old sewing machines.

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