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Sunday, April 6, 2014

QAD Sunflower

Janeen from Quilt Art Design offered this beautiful 12" Sunflower Block this month free in her Craftsy store. This is definitely the most difficult paper pieced block I have ever done. Here is a link to her Flicker group, where you can see other fabric selections. Looks like I am the first one to complete this months block of the month. 

This is a photo I took before I pieced all the sections together, kind of looks like a broken plate. I can not believe that all these pieces fit perfectly together. Sewing backwards is definitely a skill I am getting better at. 

This is the floor beneath my chair, bits and pieces. Would you believe I vacuumed yesterday?  I hate trying to keep things neet when I get involved with a project. I will be cleaning up the sewing room so I can start again. I have tomorrow off and I am going to sew all day. ( Oh and plant flowers, water the yard, design my new garden, feed the birds, cook a great dinner... and vaccumn the floor again!)
Love you all!
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Joy said...

Your fabric choices are sublime! Well done.
I signed up to follow your blog. Sorry, I don't have one of my own. I have posted my blocks from this BOM in Janeen's flickr page under KoKoToby, You can see them there.

Kate said...

Wow! Beautiful block!

Ramona said...

Your comment about the block looking like a broken plate before it is sewn together is so true! Too funny. What an awesome block, though! I can't imagine how long it took you to piece it. Beautiful.

sophie said...

Your sunflowers are beautiful ... you made me go hunt up the pattern for myself ;-)

Key Elements said...

Sophie, Thank you, if your look on her Craftsy site she gives away many free patterns. BTW - I signed up for your blog. Nice work, very interesting.

Bonnie said...

Wow! You must feel so proud of yourself. I haven't tried anything that complicated. I really love how this looks. Your colors look like the sunflower that was growing next door last summer.