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Monday, March 10, 2014

Quilt Art Design

Quilt Art Design
Well I finally got a start on the beautiful quilt by Janeen of Quilt Art Design  what a talent! I have been in love with this quilt and wanting to start since the beginning of the year .. for me it was a bit intimidating/ Janeen is offering this quilt online for free, see my side bar for more information Janeen has a free BoM 2014 with a fantastic garden theme. The block I made today was not the 1st one offered, but he latest one offered.  I certainly need to catch up.  I, being a paper piecing novice and lover, found this "Easy Birdhouse" challenging. She offers a harder version, which is fantastic with additional tree branch's and more birds. I thought I should start on the "easy" version. 

I like it, but I see my flaws... the blue birds chest is not distinct. I will add a hand embroidered black outline to the whole bird, that will set him off. Other than that I think things are good, the green background was a choice from the original artist and I thing it works. The hole is the same fabric I chose for the medallion flowers in my Amish Quilt, lots of scrap there, you will be seeing them for years.

I posted on Janeen's Flicker site

Back to the real work work Tuesday.   Boo Hoo  :(

But REALLY LOOK AT  her free Humming Bird pattern IT IS JUST THE most beautiful pattern.
I am going to do that one next!!

A great place to get inspiration is Patchwork Times with Judy Laquidara. She posts a list every Monday of "What is on your design wall" - I can spend a lot of time checking out so very many wonderful blogs . Check it out for yourself.

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