Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Feather Block

Just finished another block for my "In The Garden" quilt.

This one is another free design from Shape-Moth. I think I am crazy for attempting another one of her designs as I almost went bonkers on her Eurasian Jay, but I am having problems finding blocks that I like to complete this quilt. Joanna makes gorgeous complicated patterns - she lives in Germany at this time. I follow her blog and you can also find her selling on Crafsy.

After all the effort I am disappointed as the block said 12" - and it is 12" not 12" finished! It will be 11.5" finished....bummer! AND I do not have even a speck of background fabric left over to add to the sides... double bummer. I will have to frame the block somehow.

Large Scappy Blue Bowl

After the bowl I made in Catherine Redfords class, I wanted to make something larger. My  blue scraps were still overflowing so late night wrapping of clothe line, ended me up with a whole spool, I think 2 clothe lines so 200 feet. Wrapping takes the most time - sewing is a breeze.

My Little Collection

 Thread Painting

Here is some of the progress on my thread painting. Still in the hoop with the washable stabilizer. You draw on the stabilizer and you fill in from there. First the trunk, then the rest of the tree. I used variegated thread.

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Jennifer Fulton Inquiring Quilter said...

Wow, lovely the feathers! And your thread painted tree is lovely. Great job.