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Monday, September 28, 2015

Stunning Circle Closing In

I have finished the circle and in trying to get the scale correct I pulled out and taped some pieces of drawing paper together, layed the piece on it, and started penciling in some lines. I added shading to the circle and pulled out a little piece of circle that I had cut incorrectly - the quilt is taking on a universe look with a dark hole, or sun - and a comet. The length is being determined by the background fabric I purchased in class. I bought a yard and a half... wish I would have bought 2 yards now. Oh well. I will be adding some boarders 
This will be one of my first art quilts with an original design. 
I am really liking the direction it is taking. I love pink and grey together. 

While on a quilt run with my friend Ann and her children, we came across an adorable, friendly cat that needed rescue. I made a bad decision to take her home. The kids named her Lilly.
Playful little thing!

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