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Monday, September 28, 2015

Quilting Economics

Very Productive Day

I made a major  progress on the Stunning Universe quilt today. 
At this point Stunning Universe is 51 1/2" wide x 56 1/2 long.
Got the images transferred to fuse - unfortunately I did not reverse the pattern so in turned out as a mirror image of what I had envisioned. But I was not going to throw away all the fabric, time and effort so it is what is is. The boarders tie it together. I do not know what I am going to do with the top and bottom boarders as of yet.

I love it!

And the center of the circle is not done yet either. Here is an enlargement of it. I found an image on line and printed it on fabric using the freezer paper method. I looks OK here in this photo but actually the pinks kind of clash and I should not use it. I experimented with several other ideas and I keep coming back to this one. 

Then I went on to try and finish:

DONE!!!! Quilted! Bound! Labled!

Here she is. I did add the pinwheels in the corner as I said I would. 
Really glad I started a baby quilt - my way of being prepared for the future... well now have to start another one.... yes as you will see on the label below this one has a home. One of my neices is going to have a baby and this Friday night - there is a "Find Out The Gender Party" - never heard of that one before.... but actally I have a notion it will end up as an Engagement Party. 
These youngsters - do everything backwards.
In any case I so excited to await the arrival of a new family member. CONGRATULATIONS!!

Here is the label. See the bar code in the center of the 9 patch? I will link that back to my blog so if you ever really wanted to know more about this quilt you can use your smart phone, scan the label and learn more about the whole process. The bird was one I did facing the incorrect way so I redid it instead of using it on the front. I hand stitched the words with floss. 

I wanted to show you my quilting on this quilt - look closely at the quilting. See the giraffe and the elephant in the stitching? I used a pantograph and long armed it myself - look mom, no computer. It feels good to be able to actually complete a top and quilt the quilt.

This pantograph also featured a lion.... see him?

Quilt Inspector photo bombing!

Hope your day was as productive as mine.
Hop eto see you soon!


Alison said...

I love the background on your Elephant quilt! Very cute!

Cathy said...

I love you Elephant Parade! It turned out so cute! I'm positive it will be well loved.

Farm Quilter said...

Just love the Elephant Parade - they were so much fun to make!! Yours turned out adorable!!! I really like what you have going on with the first picture and would love to know how you did it - awesome!!!

the zen quilter said...

Wow - that universe is stunning, and no one would ever know it was reversed! I too love the elephant pattern - it's on my to do list...

Lorna McMahon said...

So happy to see your finished Elephant Parade quilt, Julie! Wow! I love pinwheel cornerstones and the quilting. How clever to have added a barcode in the backing. That's brilliant!