Friday, March 24, 2017

The Blocks Are Done

9 Blocks with 9 Lives

This has been such an ongoing quilt project. I recently joined the Modern Quilt Guild of Orange County and last month we were given a challenge to finish a UFO, I chose this one. I have been diligently working on it. Amazingly I think I will be successful with the challenge that ends this Thursday. I actually have the quilt sashed, I have the backing almost ready. Today I am going to run by "The Batty Lady" and pick upside batting and Ann my good friend, said I could use her longarm tomorrow.
This quilt I have torn up so many times (3 to be exact) - If only I would read the instructions, maybe I could save myself some time. Well it is almost there. 
One of the reasons I have been so bad about blogging is that in September as I dropped my husband off at the airport for his much deserved WWII tour of Europe - my house was flooded out by a broken sink line in the upper master bedroom. The process has just been very "draining" - if you get the pun. Six room of my home were destroyed and rebuilding them has been a handful. Still ongoing believe it or not but I am back in the sewing room several times a week now. 

I saw this on Etsy when I was looking into a blog post about pattern design
 plagiarism. Apparently a quilt shop posted a free pattern on their website. One of their employees designed this cute little bird - the quilt shop asked permission of the employee and posted it. Several  people started using the pattern for commercial use without giving the pattern maker acknowledgment.
I thought this was so cute I wanted to give it a try myself.  I found the pattern and I am going to put one together. More on that later.

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BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Love you 9 lives quilt!!

Pam said...

I am with you on giving credit to any designer who helped me on my way! I usually change it up or add my own thing but I never would have gotten to that point without others! My guess is you are a cat lover???? I know I love your crazy colorful kitties!