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Monday, February 23, 2015

Bubble Dresses

I finally got my sewing room back! 

Back from the holidays, back from remodeling two bedrooms! All the stuff that was moved into the sewing room has finally found a place in the garage or the Salvation Army donation site.
I am sewing again.

Over the weekend I made these two little bubble dresses for my nephews daughters.
They were really simple and I just love the pattern.The cat and flower fabric came from my stash. I was sew happy to find coordinating fabric and enough. Crossed fingers that they fit them and they can wear them together. Only had enough fabric for one purse - well how much make up does a one year old need?
This morning the sky was completely blue and I went for a 9.25 walk with my friend Carol to the Orange Circle via the Santiago Creek River Bed. By the time we returned, the sky clouded up and a few drops of rain spattered on the ground. I love walking in the rain and we really can use the moisture here, planning to hit Curves this afternoon. I love my days off. Hope you enjoy your day.
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1 comment:

Soma Acharya said...

Cute dresses! The girls are going to look lovely in them.